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• Truly unique... World-Class AutoCAD Training loaded with powerful Tips and Tricks.
• AutoCAD Level 1 packed with tips, tricks, feedback and success!

• Windows Tips for AutoCAD Users will teach you tricks you never knew existed!!
• Layouts, Plotting and Sheet Sets will make your output look like a book and save time!
• EKHO's 2D Bonus drawings will coach you through 20 real design/drawing projects!
• Order yours today for immediate shipment!!!
 Read why EKHO's Videos are much more popular today than classroom training!
• EKHO will give you a serious productivity advantage!!
• Pre -Requisite Tests and Progress Quizzes available

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• AutoCAD Level 1
•  Windows Vista Shortcuts

• AutoCAD Layouts, Plotting + Sheet Sets
• AutoCAD Blocks, Xrefs + Images
• EKHO's Bonus Drawings
• Windows Tips for AutoCAD Users
• EKHO Memory Strips

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The EKHO Institute has been providing award winning AutoCAD training to Ottawa, Ontario clients as well as Eastern Ontario, Canadian, US and International clients for the past 25+ years. Our success has been built on continuous refinements to every aspect of our comphrehensive courses. Thousands of details in our refined exercises for the very latest versions have been improved daily due to the direct and indirect feedback from our thousands of keen AutoCAD students over the past many years. Our unique and highly effective training system consists of 4 effective components; electronic PDF books offered in both high quality color hard copies and searchable, linked DVD copies. Our refined video tutorials let students take their instructor home with them permanently! Our polished exercises ensure quick, efficient and full understanding of each concept and command being taught in the right sequence at the right time. Our automatically scored quizzes provide much more than just an instant score to motivate you, they also provide invaluable feedback and tips on what you may have done wrong in the case of an incorrect answer. The recent addition of automated quizzes to our training process has had one of the most immediate and direct positive effects on EKHO's student success out of all of our many improvements over the past many years.

The key reasons why motivated students choose EKHO videos for high quality AutoCAD training include highly experienced certified Instructors with knowledge of where student's problems happen, state of the art techniques and award winning results. There is a good reason why EKHO students have travelled from all over the world during the past 25+ years to take our very successful courses!!

So go ahead and purchase your next successful AutoCAD class on a DVD wherever you want to hold it, with EKHO now, knowing that thousands of beginners and advanced students just like you have enjoyed unrivaled success in learning to use AutoCAD very quickly and very efficiently with all the latest productivity tips and tricks embedded in every part of our materials! If you want to make sure you have significantly better AutoCAD skills, techniques and output than your colleagues, EKHO will provide you with a solid foundation to be a design winner that will make you truly stand out in the competitive market we live in today! Check out our customer testimonials to see what your peers have said about our exceptional training!

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