EKHO's Course Offerings

Beginner's Computer Class for Novices - 2 days                   $500 + HST
AutoCAD 2018 Level 1 Classroom - 5 days                           $1600 +HST
AutoCAD Level 1 Videos - Your Pace & Place!                       $500 +HST
AutoCAD Layouts, Plotting, PDFs, Sheet Sets - 1 Day           $400 +HST
AutoCAD Layouts, Plotting and Sheet Sets - Videos              $250 +HST
Windows for AutoCAD Users - 2 days                                     $500+HST

* HST for Canadian customers only.

Prices are $CDN


March 9 - 13, 2020 - AutoCAD Level 1 Class! Contact us now to sign up.

EKHO's award winning AutoCAD training has been the result of 30+ years experience with thousands of students who have provided us with invaluable feedback and insights on how to achieve very successful results. EKHO Training is for those who wish to be productive, efficient and confident as quickly as possible with AutoCAD 2018, the world's leading CAD and Windows software in the shortest possible time.


Free Automated Quizzes

These very short, automatically-scored AutoCAD and Windows quizzes are very quick and easy to give you some feedback and fun on where you stand for our various courses.  You can try them more than once and get a new quiz created each time from our pool of questions. They are a teaching/learning tool as well as an evaluation tool because we show you the correct answers on completion. These valuable automated quizzes are one very important part of what makes The EKHO Institute training so very effective and successful over the past many years.

Free Pre-Requisite Quizzes

AutoCAD Level 1 Course Quizzes

  • Day 1 - Basics, View Commands, Object Snaps, Inquiry Commands, Layers, Properties, Scale Concepts
  • Day 2 - Draw Commands, Drawing Accurately
  • Day 3 - Modify Commands, Selection Tools and Grips
  • Day 4 - Blocks, Dimensions and basic printing
  • Day 5 - Project work and final test

Sample EKHO Institute Produced On Line Training Videos