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Autodesk Land Desktop Course

AutoCAD® Land Development Desktop Release 3

Create. Customize. Collaborate. Autodesk® Land Desktop 3 streamlines each phase of your land development projects and provides a central location for project data that everyone on your team can access.

Autodesk, Inc.

This Advanced AutoCAD course will utilize the following techniques:
Short lecture/Robotel video demonstration on each command.
Students see all instructor demonstrations clearly on their own Viewsonic monitors with the video network.
Students practice each lesson on their own workstation.
Personal coaching is provided by your certified instructor as difficulties arise.
Drawing project will be conducted during the final session. This course concentrates on the practical basics required to create l drawings of all types with Architectural Desktop. The instructor-led, tutorial type instructions on the screen, are designed to guarantee consistency in training and maximize the student's understanding of each concept taught.

4 days of Autodesk Certified Instructor Led Training and
           Personal Coaching/Tutoring for:
                     Correct application of the commands
                     Good work habits
                     Productivity Tips
                     Shortcuts, keyboard and work related.
                     Important features that shorten the work.
Course Specific Instruction Manual by Autodesk
EKHO Strip Keyboard menu with over 100 shortcuts, tips, macros and function key labels.
EKHO TIPS sheets - productivity, shortcut and work habits
CAD Systems Magazine.
Free e-mail support on related topics after the course.


All designers who plan to use Land Development Desktop and are comfortable with basic AutoCAD.
All designers who want to boost productivity dramatically on their architectural plans.
All self-taught users who want to "fill in the holes" (One of our most popular groups due to the high number of tips incorporated into the course)


Windows for AutoCAD course at EKHO or equivalent experience.
AutoCAD 2002 Level 1 Course at The EKHO Institute
Design/Drafting Training or Experience.
Civil Engineering/Technology background/education.
Keyboard training or experience
Basic Math/Geometry/Trig Skills

Course Objectives: To learn how to

1.     Setup a drawing and Land Development Desktop project

7.     Create contours, sections and 3D models of surfaces

2.     Manipulate and edit point data in LDD/AutoCAD environment

8.     Generate proposed grading for building pad

3.     Setup symbol libraries for automated base plans

9.     Calculate cut & fill volume quantities

4.     Import survey data from ASCII file

10.  Define horizontal & vertical alignments for roads

5.     Annotate base plan

11.  Create templates for cross sections

6.     Create and edit surface model of ground

12.  Generate finish cross sections & volumes for roads


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Introduction & Product Overview

Project Based Drawings

Drawing Setup


Point Settings

Creating Points

Editing Points

Point Labels

Description Keys

Point Groups

Importing/Exporting Points

Point External Data References

Legal Geometry and Labels

Creating Lines and curves

Special Lines

Line, Curve and Spiral Labels


Surface Modeling

Terrain Model Explorer

Selecting Surface Data

Selecting Point Groups

Define Breaklines

Selecting Contours Data

Defining Boundaries

Building Surfaces

Editing Surfaces

Creating Contours

Creating Quick Sections

Surface Analysis

Surface Volume Calculations


Site Grading

Slope Grading – Grading Object

Grading with Points

Grading with 3d polylines


Creating Alignment Geometry

Defining Horizontal Alignments

Stationing Alignments

Creating Existing Ground Profiles

Drawing and Defining Vertical Alignments

Creating Existing Ground Sections


Roads (cont.)

Proposed Templates

Design Control

Editing Sections

Using Transition to modify Cross Sections

Super Elevation of Roads

Section Volumes


Review Exercise

All students receive an EKHO Memory Strip which provide valuable memory aids and tips.

As the students are assumed to be experience with AutoCAD, but new to Land Development Desktop, the course instructor will act as a project coordinator, instructor and personal tutor on the practice exercises so that the students can learn first hand from the trainer's experience; their errors are turned into a valuable learning experiences. 

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